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Our Mission

Why purchase from The Pampered Dog? 

Dogs, like this one. That's why. 



One of the most important things we wanted to do when starting this business was that we wanted to give back in a meaningful way. We wanted going to work every day to really MEAN something. It didn't take long to figure out that we wanted to give back to the ones that bring so much joy to our lives. 

Simply put- every purchase helps to feed, care for and even place a shelter dog in a forever home. 

The more products we place- the more dogs we can help.  

Wouldn't you like your purchase to be something great for your fur kid AND also to benefit another dog that may need a little help?   

We would, and it's what drives everything we do.

Our tag line "Because Dogs Come First" isn't just some catchy phrase, it's how we really feel. We hope you do too. 

Keep those tails wagging! 



Founder of The Pampered Dog